Friday, June 1, 2012

If You Looked

If you looked in my bedroom, you'd view an unmade bed with most of the blankets on my side.  Dave is nearly always warm.  I'm normally cold.  I also sleep on the side that has the air vent which blows ice cold air out, thus making the extra blankets necessary.  You would think that we would switch sides but the nightstand is on my side and besides being the alarm clock setter, I am also shamelessly addicted to chapstick which is kept there, plus there's a little fan on the nightstand I point at my face if I get too hot.  Didn't I just say that I am normally cold and have an abundance of extra covers?  Why yes, I did.  But in the rare event I get warm, I need my little fan.  Thus, switching sides cannot be done.

If you looked in my kitchen, you would find too many things for so small a space.  We tell people our house is meant for dwarves (not seven of them though, as they would not all fit).  We have appliances stored on the floor, extra canned food stacked in plastic crates, cookie cutters and cake platters stuffed in the space above our three (count 'em, three!) cabinets, and a vast array of supplements and vitamins taking over our 2 feet x 2 feet slither of counter space.  It drives me nuts that it's so tiny because there isn't room to put anything.  It's also the room you first walk into and seeing clutter when I first get home makes me break out in hives. 

If you look out our back door, you'd see that we have become a bird sanctuary this spring.  We had a mama bird build a next earlier this spring under the eave just to the right of the door.  We enjoyed watching the baby birds hatch and grow up.  Not 2 days after they had all flown away we noticed a 2nd nest being built under the eave on the left side.  Three more baby birds were born.  We actually got to watch one as it flew from the next for the very first time, which was sweet to see.  Those birds hadn't been gone 36 hours when yet another mama built a new nest under the right eave, on the same ledge as the first one (we had knocked that one down after all the birds vacated cause it looked kinda gross).  Mama bird is still there sitting on her eggs.  She flies off each time we open the door.  Then yesterday evening I opened the door to put something in the recycling which we keep in bins and baskets right outside the door.  Mama bird flew off when she saw me but I was startled by a 2nd bird flying away and that's when I noticed that nest #4 was being constructed in a raisin bran box stashed in our recycling.  I've had nests built on my porch before, but 4 in one season?  Evidently word spread around the bird community that we are not hungry giants who like to eat bird eggs.  The one in the raisin bran box was definitely a shocker.  Guess I won't be taking the recycling off for a few weeks...

If you looked in my purse, you'd probably wonder if it was a purse or a backpack ready for a 3 week trek around Europe.  It's interesting that the bigger my bag, the more "essential" stuff I can find to fill it.

If you looked in my gym bag, you'd find a stash of hand towels wrapped together with an elastic headband.  I used to just throw enough in there for the week but then when I got home I would forget which was clean and which was covered in my dried sweat, so to prevent re-using a sweat crusted towel, I learned to wrap the clean ones together in the same stack and let the dirty one be the floater.  You'd also find in my gym bag my hair straightener and hairspray though really for me, fixing my hair these days consists of brushing out most of the tangles and finding my part.  That's about it.  I'm in a rush to get out of the gym most mornings so taking the time to actually do something with my boring hair isn't high on the priority list.  Good thing I'm married and have snagged my man already :)

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