Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let them eat cake!

As I have previously mentioned, birthdays are a huge deal to me.  With birthdays, comes cake!  I have had oodles of different kinds of birthday cakes over the span of my (nearly!) 30 years.  My mom used to make this amazing homemade Strawberry Cassis cake for my birthday.  True story:  she made that cake for me the first birthday I had when I was away at college, dropped it off at a friend's apartment without me knowing because she and my dad came to visit the weekend before my actual b-day, and my friend showed up at my party with a cake my mom had made.  So I got to have strawberry cake on my birthday even though my mom was two states away.  True story #2:  the cake (which is very labor intensive) overflowed in the oven and sparked a fire and almost set my mom's kitchen on fire that year.  If my mom's oven could talk, I'm convinced it would tell that story.

I was browsing the Internet and came across these gems:

An R2D2 cake??  (from Devilish Delights)  This is amazing!  Another favorite is this one:

Princess Aurora Cake (by Sharon Posey)

Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite Disney movies, and the scene where they make her cake and dress is my favorite.  If money were no object (aka I was the daughter of a sheik or a Kardashian), this cake would be mine!  Alas, I am neither, and as money is a factor, I instead will be celebrating with this decadent chocolate cheesecake. 
 I plan on whipping up this baby tomorrow after work so it can chill overnight before my big day on Saturday.  You can't go wrong with cream cheese and chocolate.  They are one of the ultimate duos, right up there with Regis and Kelly and Simon and Garfunkel.  (Side note: wouldn't Garfunkel be the coolest name to have?  It's so odd it's cool, unlike my name, which is just odd). 

Here's to making my cake and eating it, too!

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