Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sweet Summer Time

The weather here the past couple of days has been fantastic; low eighties and sunny, with a delicious breeze to keep the air from getting too sticky and hot.  I absolutely love summer: the warmth, the sunshine, being able to throw off the confines of closed toe shoes and wear flip flops again.

Some of the best memories of my life are tied to summer: my cousins and I chasing lightning bugs in my Grandma's yard late at night in our pajamas; camping every summer of my childhood where I would spend countless hours swimming and riding my bike; my first trip out of the country where I fell in love with the Andes Mountains and the people there; I married my best friend on a beautiful summer's day two years ago.  Summer has a way of making my soul more light hearted and confident of the future.

When I think of summer I also think of camp.  Two summers in college I had the privilege of working at Camp Crestridge in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Oh, what good summers those were!

I loved working there.  Loved the mountains I lived in. the sweet friends I made.  Loved learning to depend on God in new ways when I was so tired by week 6 that all I wanted was a nap when the 10 giggly girls in my cabin would never settle down and get quiet.  I loved Campfire Nights on Tuesdays--those were my favorite!  I loved treks to the Nibble Nook for ice cream on Sundays, and sitting on the front porch of the dining hall drinking Cheerwine while the sweet sound of girls laughing and living life filled my ears.

Some of the best friends of my life came from my time at camp.  Sometimes, on warm days like today, I get such an ache to be back there, enjoying the company of these sweet friends and soaking in the faithfulness of my Father like the sun on my skin.  I have dreams of going back there some day.  My friend Kara and I used to always say we would come back and work as Laundry Ladies while our girls were at camp.  I'm so thankful for those two short summers God gave me, and love the sweet memories that a simple summery day can stir up.  Maybe someday years down the road I'll come across this sign again as I drop my own babies off for a summer...

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