Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book Review

I have been devouring books since I was a small child and am always looking for recommendations from people.  So, for the two or so people who read this blog (including my husband who stops by every now and then--hi honey!), I thought I would make mention occasionally of books I have enjoyed.

I started reading Beverly Lewis when I was in middle school.  Young adult fiction wasn't the booming genre that it is today when I was growing up so it was hard finding stuff to read once I grew out of little girl books.  I loved Christian fiction and one of the series I found was Beverly Lewis' Summerhill Secrets series for tween readers.  Beverly Lewis writes Christian fiction about Amish people.  Sounds dull, huh?  They are so good though!  She's not Amish herself but grew up in Lancaster County and has done extensive research on the Amish people.  A lot of people don't realize that most Amish aren't Evangelical Christians; many Amish order people are not allowed to study Scripture on their own and it is considered a huge sin to claim salvation (they see it as pride).  All of her books center on an Amish character and some sort of struggle.  This particular series--"Annie's People"--was a great read.  There are three books in the series and I think what I enjoyed most was that there was a mystery part to this series (there's always a dose of romance in them but the added mystery element and figuring out things as it went along was really intriguing).  The romance in these books isn't sappy and fake; everything doesn't just start out crummy but turn out well in the end with the protagonist coming to know Jesus and getting married within the final pages (don't so many cheesy Christian romance books end like that?)  There are several lead characters in this series, each dealing with a pretty weighty issue--a lot of people eager for healing from their past and some heavy burdens they've carried for years.  I would recommend any of Beverly Lewis' work but this series in particular was really great.  You can read more about Beverly Lewis and her works on her website.

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