Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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This adorable print, which sums up my marriage in a nutshell :)

I have gotten into the habit of line-drying most of our clothes to help prolong their life.  We have a clothesline out on our back porch but it tends to get really cruddy with the rain, etc. and I didn't want to hang things out there.  I took to throwing most things over the shower but then that got to be a pain whenever one of us needed to shower and we scrounged for a place to put all the still wet clothes.  Enter this handy little gem. 
A friend got me a Target gift card for my birthday and nerd that I am, I chose to buy this little guy.  So handy!  I can hang 24 hangers from the top and then the drying rack at the bottom is handy for things that need to dry flat, or for things you can just fling over the little wires and not bother to hang :).  Two thumbs up for this little ditty!

The hubs and I are really into personal health and fitness, and I thought this story was interesting.  This guy is a personal trainer who gained weight on purpose so that he could get a better understanding of his clients and what they go through.  He lost the weight as well.  It's interesting the mental and emotional changes he went through, and not just the physical.  Health affects quality of life!  That seems like a no-brainer but there are so many people who just don't get it!

Well this goes against personal health, but these yummy little guys are scrumptious!  Super easy to whip up and the lemon center makes them perfect for a summer treat. 

This website is freakin' hilarious! (although, be warned, some of these clips are not PG rated!).  I forget how I even stumbled across this site, but it provides good comic relief if you need some!

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