Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In the Good Ole Summertime

I absolutely love summer.  Do you have a favorite season?  I have found that everyone has their favorite and will defend that season with a passion usually only seen when discussing political topics or SEC football.

Summer is my favorite for several reasons.  I abhor cold (and by cold, I mean 75 degrees;  I would not fare well as a missionary to the Eskimos).  I also have a love/hate relationship with shoes.  What I mean by that is that I love a cute pair of shoes, but I hate having to wear them.  If I had my way I'd go barefoot all the time except when in parking lots and public bathrooms.  Lastly, some of my best memories are attached to summer.  Swimming in the lake.  Going to camp.  Chasing lightning bugs at my Grandma;s with my cousins (I was in fourth grade when I first heard that lightning bugs were actually called fireflies, and I will be honest and tell you I really didn't know how to process it).

Even as an adult, I love the things that summer offers.  Sitting outside on the porch and enjoying the sunshine.  Getting tan (my skin right now is still white as skim milk; I need to remedy that).   Fresh produce (I really could live off of fruit and nothing else.  Ok, maybe peanut butter, too).  Going out for ice cream (somehow I must think that the extra sweating I do in the summer burns calories because I never feel bad in the summer about devouring a large Chick-fil-a milkshake).  Daylight that lasts and lasts.  The drive-in.

I love going to the drive-in.  Dave and I have been twice so far this summer.  I love movies and would watch them anywhere, but there is something so fun about being at the drive in.  Maybe cause you're in your own car and not in a stuffy movie theater and you can talk if you want and not irritate anyone.  Plus, the food is way better and so much cheaper.  And, instead of fishing out my largest purse from the back of my closet in order to smuggle in a couple of cans of Dr. Pepper like I do when we go to the regular theater, at the drive in we just fill out cooler, pack a bag of snacks, and we don't have to worry about sneaking it past the gate attendant.  We used to bring lawn chairs but now just take the backseat out of the jeep and sit atop a big plush comforter and all the pillows we own.  It's a sweet set up I must say. 

Here's to some more summer days.  It's almost July already!  How time flies when you're having fun!

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