Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crossing the Finish Line

Right after we got married 2 years ago, my husband returned to school.  He had gone to college before but never gotten his degree because he started working full time.  After moving to TN and pursuing a different career in personal training, he decided that that particular line of work couldn't offer the financial security he was wanting, so he went back to school to get his Associate's Degree in Physical Therapy Assistant. 

The program he went to is very, very competitive.  Over 150 applied to the program when he did last year.  They take 20.  Luckily, he got in.  It's also a very intense program--they have so much material to cover that even after 6 hours in class each day, students had to go home and listen to audio lectures, in addition to doing homework, etc. 

It has definitely been an intense past couple of years.  The first year Dave was in school wasn't the actual program--it was all pre-reqs.  I worked 2 jobs and he worked part time and went to school.  When I would get home at 6:15, he would be leaving to go train clients at the gym.  I had a horrible case of mono that first year and would be asleep long before he ever got home.  Once he got into the program, he quit working because the school load was so intense.  We have been living off of student loans, saving pennies and scrimping by.  We have been blown away countless times by God's provision of money, energy, and encouragement during the past two years.  And soon, that season will be over. 

Dave's last day of clinicals is next Friday.  Eight more days after today, and school is officially over.  We found out this morning that he passed his board exams.  So as soon as he gets his official license from the state, he can start working.  The light at the end of the tunnel has been getting brighter all summer, and we are so eager to be out of this tunnel!  He has one more hurdle--an In-Service, which is basically a seminar type deal that he has to do--and it's all over.  I imagine that Dave feels like this, crossing the finish line in victory:

(photo credit)   
In actuality, he may feel more like this:

(photo credit)
Either way, he is about to cross that line!  How exciting it is sometimes that seasons don't last forever.  That everything happens in it's own time, and that things end.  On to the next season, Lord! 

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