Saturday, July 28, 2012

Newsprint Manicure: A Pinterest Fail?

As a rule, I normally don't paint my fingernails.  Try as I might, I cannot keep a manicure looking decent beyond 10 minutes no matter what I do.  I think I lack the patience to be a habitual fingernail painter.  (Toes, now, that's another story...)

I'm sure if you are on Pinterest you have seen pins such as this one for newsprint/paper manicures:

I work half days on Mondays so thought I would use my time at home to give a version of this a spin.  I painted my nails white, then, once they were dry I soaked them in alcohol and pressed paper on them.  The first page I tried was torn from an old book I had from a DIY project, and barely any of the words transferred.  I think the paper was too thick?  So I went rummaging through the recycle bin and found an old magazine and cut pages with words on it from there.  This was the result:

Not bad, but not great either.  I found that I really had to soak them in alcohol, and then put the paper on and soak that too and press it fairly hard to get the print to transfer to my nails.  I did a topcoat on top to keep it from washing off.  I also had a fairly hard time getting the ink that had transferred to other places other than my nail off :).  I think I would like to try actual newsprint next time, especially some comic strips like this one:

(tutorial found here)


  1. What a neat idea. I wouldn't have the patience for this, though. Wanna come by and do my nails?

    1. Patience seems to be my undoing when it comes to my nails...I never can sit long enough for them to dry; and I hate having to re-do them every 3-4 days! We should find someone to do BOTH our nails! :)