Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reasons why my husband is awesome

I love being married.  Not only because I have a built in companion and someone to do stuff with all the time, but also because I have someone who complements me so well and who reminds me of truth when I'm too stupid or immature to choose to see it.  My husband is one of the best things God has ever given me.  And he's so stinkin' cute, yes?

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I love that God in his wisdom put me with someone who balances me out.  I am loud.  Dave is quiet.  I am a dreamer and idealist.  Dave is tethered in wisdom and practicality.  I am easily excitable.  He is steady as a rock.  I have a short fuse.  His is longer.  God knew I needed his personality and gentle truth to counteract my natural tendencies.

We live in a teeny-tiny house that we are renting right now.  When I first moved in as a single gal I thought the hundred year old little house was charming and quaint.  Now that I am married we have definitely outgrown the sweet little house and it's cramped quarters and pint sized dimensions drive me nuts most days.  We were both in the kitchen earlier this week trying to cook, which meant that I was having to store stuff from the counter on the floor while we cooked so that we could free up the only counter space we have, which is about 2 square feet.  I was frustrated and cranky and said aloud, "I hope that someday Jesus will be good to us and give us a real sized house with a decent sized kitchen."

To which my husband sweetly responded with, "He is being good to us."

Truth hit me like a big red truck.  Yes, He is indeed being good to us.  Right now, even in our tiny kitchen.  It's so easy for me to pray for goodness for my future and be blinded to the goodness in my present.  We are soaking in His goodness even in this stage of life.  Dave made it through school and will be done in less than 3 weeks.  My job is going well.  My health is getting better.  We have a fantastic, thriving marriage.  God is bringing healing to my family.  And I get the joy of cooking with my husband in a little place we don't own but get to call ours.  I'm so eager for the good on the other side of the fence that I forget to look down and feel the soft, green grass that I'm currently standing on.

My husband is right; Jesus is being good to us.

To me.

To you.

If you are a son or daughter of Christ, He is being good.  He has to, or He and His word are liars.  What are we going to choose to believe today about His goodness?  We can choose to see it and praise Him for it, or we can choose to see things the way Satan wants us to; to focus only on what we don't have and think that God is being unfair and holding out on us.  Don't fall into the enemy's trap, dear friend!  Choose this day to see the good-whether something as big as a marriage or something small as a sunshiny day or a favorite song on the radio--and thank Him for it.  Bask in the warmth of His love and goodness today--it is there!  He promises!

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  1. I'm new here, visiting from Grace at Home, but I have to say I loved this post! It is much easier for me to look forward too, than to soak in the now. Nice to "meet" you!

    1. Nice to "meet" you, too! Hope you live in the moment today!

  2. Well said! Yes, Jesus IS being good to us all. Thanks for the reminder to count our blessings!

    1. It's definitely a reminder I need every day!

  3. Popping over from Allume! Lovely post - really enjoyed reading it. :)