Friday, July 20, 2012

Surveys says...

 (there is no shame if the theme song from this show just played through your head)

What is your favorite place to relax?
I think it depends on what mood I'm in.  Usually I prefer relaxing at home, mostly because I can wear sweatpants and take off my bra (sorry if that's TMI, but it sure is the truth!).  I love curling up with a good book in my chair, or baking something yummy in my kitchen, or taking a hot bath while I watch a tv show on my laptop.

What do you do to vent anger?
Get it out of my system!  Write about it, talk about it, pray about it. I am a very verbal person so sometimes things have to come out of me in words lest they make me go up in flames.  I pray aloud in my car a lot.

Most loved comfort foods:
Coke (from a fountain, not a can or bottle).
Carbs!--muffins and bagels are my vice.
Pizza Hut pizza-partly because it's so yummy, partly because it's delivered right to my door.
Warm coffee drinks--goodness knows a white chocolate mocha has been my comfort more times than it should.    

Do you have any bad habits?
What kind of question is that?--how many bad habits don't I have?  Top ones:
  • interrupting people (I HATE when I do that!)
  • locking the door automatically when I shut it (I have locked out my poor husband so many times when he goes out on the back porch to grill our dinner!  oops!)
  • getting worked up over nothing
  • turning a radio/tv on no matter where I am.  Sometimes, silence is good.  I should learn to embrace it.
Last great movie you watched:
I've seen a few good ones lately:  Spiderman, Brave...I think the last great one I saw was Avengers.  It was sooooo good!

Favorite or most overused word or phrase?
I love the pet names I have for my hubby and our little inside jokes (totally corny, I know).  Hmmm...I say a lot of things I wish I didn't:  "like", "oh my gosh" to name a couple.

Who was your first movie star crush?
Luke Skywalker.  I think Han Solo appealed to me more but he was taken, and let's be honest, who of us can compete with Princess Leia?  I also had a major crush on Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard.

Who/what inspires you?
So many people and things inspire me!  I love Scripture, great quotes, and good poetry.  I love blogs from real people about living life in a very real way.  I am inspired by the fantastic godly women God puts before me; by art and how it stirs my soul; be being outside and seeing God in creation; and by stories!  Oh how stories move my soul!

Favorite beauty product:
I love mineral makeup.  I swear, my skin improved so much once I switched from liquid foundation to a mineral one.  Bare Escentuals is awesome but expensive.  I still buy their concealer because it is the best thing I've found for covering my hormonal outbreaks.  I also love Clean and Clear Foaming Facial cleanser, and St. Ives apricot scrub.

Favorite Sounds:
Children laughing, the wind moving through the trees in Autumn, waves crashing against a beach, my husband's voice, British accents, Australian accents, South African accents, crickets chirping, bacon sizzling because it reminds me of my Grandma. 


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