Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Office Makeover

I have been in my current office at work for nearly a year and finally got to the point where it was driving me crazy.  The walls were a horrid white/cream color --a color I affectionately called "the color I am before I pass out".  I have 2 fluorescent white lights over my desk and 2 recessed lights in the front of my office that had yellow bulbs; the lighting is weird because there are 2 different colors of light, and portions of the room aren't lit and are mostly shadow.

If you spend enough time in a space eventually it starts to wear on you, and you need to make it your own.  I got a couple of quotes from different companies to paint it but it was significantly cheaper for me to paint it myself considering my hourly wage is way less than what these people were asking.  I got the approval from the powers that be and started looking at samples.

**Here's a tip:  if you're trying out different colors in a room with weird lighting, paint a large piece of poster board the color you are thinking and then once it's dry you can move the poster all around the room to see what the color looks like in different light. **

Picking a color for this room was hard because A) the lighting is weird, B) my desk/cabinets are this horrid 1990's mauve pink color that is hideous and hard to match (at first I wanted a grey color but up against the pink it was turning purple!), and C) my carpet is burgundy.  I feel like I am trapped in a 1991 movie set.

After dismissing a couple of colors that looked great on the sample card, but horrible on my wall, I chose a lovely olive/taupe color.  It's amazing how much difference a new paint color can make in a room!

Here's pics of my computer space.  There were holes in the wall from where some horrible mauve shelves were that I took down; I patched them but the holes were so big they didn't cover well, so I put come cork board up over them.

The big yellow chicken is a gift from one of the Kindergarten students I used to work with when I worked at an afterschool program.  I got lots of art love there, but the chicken was definitely one of my favorites!  As is the mermaid beside it--she's fancy :).  They are both laminated and are a sweet reminders of the kiddos I used to work with.

Here's a pic of the side view.  I snagged a poster from home I've had forever to add a pop of color, and the other is a DIY art piece (tutorial to come!)

Ah, the pink cabinets in their full glory! 

Here is a good pic of the burgundy carpet.  And pink cabinets.  Really, for what I have to work with, the place looks pretty darn good!

A few picture frames, a bulletin board re-do, and a glass jar of dum-dums complete my space.  I do love a good makeover!

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  1. I totally agree! Such pretty cabinets! Good for you to decide on an office makeover! Cheers!