Thursday, August 30, 2012

Polka Dot Nails

I have issues with painting my nails.  I am inpatient, so waiting for nails to dry is like Chinese water torture to me.  I sit perfectly still for half an hour, get up, and immediately get a smudge or chip.  I suppose that if I bought higher quality nail polish and not the real cheap stuff things would be different.  But I just cannot justify spending $8 on a bottle of nail polish at this stage in life.  So, I'll stick with what I have. 

I've seen all these cute ideas on pinterest for nails, especially ones that require a nail art pen.
Beauty Department Flag Nails   

(Source unknown)

I was going to buy a nail art pen but they are $7 at Target and we are in the "save for a house and pay off our debt" phase in life, and even though $7 isn't a lot, I want a house more than I want a nail art pen to make perfect polka dots.  So, here's the secret to getting polka dots without a nail art pen:

(photo from photo dictionary)

I painted my nails white (it took 3 coats but my cheapo nail polish isn't the greatest).  Then I poured some pink polish onto some wax paper and used a toothpick to make my pink dots.  It's no professional pinterest-worthy manicure, but it will suffice. 

What do you think?

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