Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Dose of Perspective

 (Isn't this print so cute?  You can buy it from Etsy here.)

I saw this little activity on Jessica Chronicled, which is a cute blog I recently discovered, and thought it was fun.

First, think of your favorite color. Then explain it using only adjectives.
Second, think of your favorite animal. Explain it using only adjectives.
Then, think of your favorite natural occurrence (sunshine, hurricane, leaves changing color, etc.). Explain it using only adjectives.

*If you want to do this, do it now before you read what it "means" and end up letting that taint your answers

Here are my answers:
Pink:  girly, fun, bubbly, lively, chic
Giraffe:  tall, blond, adorable, gracefully quirky (or quirkily graceful)
Gentle wind:  hopeful, perfumed, calming, inspiring, invigorating

How to interpret:

Your favorite color reflects how you see yourself.
Your favorite animal reflects how you see your spouse.
Your favorite natural occurrence reflects how you see God.

The first is true: I do see myself as bubbly and girly.

The one about my husband is hilarious to me!  He's not super tall, he's bald (though he was a strawberry blond), and he definitely is more coordinated than me!  He's cute though and fun to watch, so maybe there's the connection--I don't know!

The third I can definitely see; I do see God in those ways.  And funny enough, if I had to describe God as an occurrence of nature, I would probably use wind to describe Him.  Many times in my life I've felt the presence of God in the wind as I sit outside and commune with Him.

What do you think?  Were your answers close to being "true"? 

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