Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Fashions!

Fall is coming!  Are you excited?  Fall is very bittersweet to me.  I love the cool crisp mornings and warm afternoons, and the changing color of the leaves.  So, in one respect, I love fall.  On the other hand though, fall makes me sad because I know that cold weather is coming.  I loathe being cold.  I hate wearing closed toed shoes and freezing in my car in the mornings because it doesn't heat up quickly.  Oh well. To every thing there is a season!

One thing that does get me excited about fall are all the fantastic layers and fallish outfits to wear.  I was browsing Pinterest and came across these goodies:

(Photo courtesy of Polyvore

From Pinterest/original source unknown

Photo from Polyvore

Photo source

Photo courtesy of Polyvore
Aren't these all just so cute?  I wear skirts or dresses most days.  (I cannot describe to you the depths of my hatred for jeans.  It is inconceivable to me how anyone finds them comfortable).  I love skirts because they are year round pieces.  Wear them with a light top and sandals in summer; throw on tights and boots and a sweater in winter; and wear cardigans and belts with them for all the in between times.  Plus, to me they are just the most comfortable thing to wear.  It's a win-win!

What are you most excited about wearing this fall?

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