Friday, September 7, 2012

How to grow out your hair

I saw this photo on Pinterest (no idea who to credit it with), and thought it was so fitting, and so, so true!

Like many women, I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.  It is stick straight, which up until now I have never enjoyed or appreciated.  Straight hair wasn't "in" until I was in college, so from 8th-12th grade I hot rolled my hair every. single. day.  I probably looked a lot like Shirley Temple as I really did not understand how to style my hair.  My mom's hair has a totally different texture and consistency, so what she could do with hers didn't translate to mine.  Thus, I stuck with what I knew, which was hot rollers (my mom even had her old steam ones that heated up via the boiling water inside and gave you 2nd degree burns on your fingers each time you got one out; ah, good memories).

Anywho, now I've embraced my straight hair.  I still curl it sometimes, even use a straightener every once in a while to get it super-straight.  Most of the time I go for the "I washed my hair last night and am in a rush so all I did was brush it out" look. 

I usually keep my hair a little longer than shoulder length.  At times, though, I get these random urges to do something different, so last summer I hacked off all my hair.  And it was reeeeaaalllly short (for me anyways).  

Here is me last June sporting my brand new do.  It totally freaked me out at first to have such short hair, but I ended up loving this cut.  Very cute, and very easy.

But...I started to miss all the fun things I could when my hair was long.  So, I decided to let it grow out again.  (Plus, my husband really likes my hair long, so that's a plus for growing it out, too.) 

Here is my hair as of today, about 15 months post-chop experience:

(I am a bit of a doofball when it comes to taking my own pictures, if you haven't guessed that by now.)

I didn't do anything but wash and dry my hair last night and it's got this weird wave like thing going on at the bottom.  It gives my hair character I suppose.

Normally my hair grows really fast.  I only wash it every other day, and I try to eat really well (I say that as I snack on M&M's and a Sunkist--hypocrite!). I have learned that outside beauty starts on the inside; my skin, nails, and hair are better when I eat really well and take care of myself.

I have also learned to become a student of my products; meaning, know what's in the products that you buy.  Most shampoos have phthalates (which totally mess up your endocrine system),and sodium lauryl sulphate (which is in everything and known to cause skin corrosion!).  Our skin is our largest organ, and you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth and swallow!  I recently found Renpure Organics at Food City and LOVE them.  Their shampoo and conditioner are fantastic and they are affordable.  You can purchase their stuff online at or at select Walgreens. 

As another natural alternative, I also rub coconut oil into my hair as a leave in conditioner before I wash it about once a month.  Holy smokes, will it make your hair ever so soft!  I also recommend taking Biotin supplements if you are trying to grow your hair out (as well as a good multi-vitamin, which, if you aren't taking, you should!). 

I am hoping to grow out my hair a few more inches by next summer, so that it will be really long and lovely and I can (attempt to) make it look like this:

(from Hello Giggles)   

(source unknown)

(from Beauty Click)

Until then, here's to vitamins, lots of jello (for the gelatin), and lots of prayers that my hair grows quickly!

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