Monday, September 24, 2012

Polyvore Addiction

Confession:  I had never heard of Polyvore before Pinterest. 

I pin a lot of outfit ideas, so naturally a lot of Polyvore creations have been pinned to my boards.  I clicked to the site once to poke around but never created an account or anything.  Polyvore is a work of genius.  You can do many things with it, but one of the things I love is that you can create fashion collages.  It is like virtual paper dolls for grown ups.  And it is so addicting!

I lead a small group of 7th grade girls and two of my girls are on Polyvore and asked me to create an account on there.  So I did, and little did I realize how well and how quickly it would suck me in! It is my new time sucker, second only to Pinterest.  (Poor Facebook isn't even a favorite anymore now that I have these other internet friends to keep me company).

I have always liked fashion and putting outfits together.  I tell my husband that someday I  may have my own job helping people put clothes together and organizing their closets for them. *Bliss.

Anyways, I started pinning outfits on Pinterest to help me create outfits out of stuff that I already own.  Over the past couple of years I have tried to have pieces in my closet that can be combined with other things to create multiple outfits.  I try not to buy (or even keep anymore) things that can't be worn with multiple items.  That's why now most of my wardrobe consists of printed skirts, plain shoes, colored cardigans and tanks/tops that I can pair a gazillion ways.  If I can't think of a way to wear a certain item-say, a navy skirt or a teal cardigan--I can search that in Pinterest or Polyvore and come up with different ideas on how to wear it. I plan out all my outfits for the week on Sunday and hang them on a valet hook on my closet door.  I love not having to figure out what I am wearing the night before I need to have it on; it's a simple thing that eliminates stress!

If you need a good internet creative outlet and you like clothes, I definitely recommend Polyvore!  Here are a few more of my recent creations:


Classy Lady

Farmer's Market

Rainy Day

Happy creating!

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