Saturday, September 15, 2012

Praying for Our House

My husband and I have started our house hunt!  I have lived in the little house above for over 7 years.  Seven years!  It's been a great place and I have many wonderful memories, but we are ready to move on to the next thing.  We aren't in a rush and are taking our time, though I will tell you I am anxious to be out of the tiny we space we live in, especially since last week we discovered evidence of mice.  (EEEK!)

(Side note:  My husband came home from work one day to find me wearing his shoes and armed with a flashlight in one hand and a vacuum cleaner hose in the other as I had just discovered their point of entry into our abode and their stash of (our) half-eaten goodies.  I was getting rid of all the candy they had evidently binged on.  The flashlight was needed as they are hiding out in Dave's closet and there is zero light in there.  Wearing his shoes was necessary because what if one was nearby, and my stars, I would not tolerate well having a mouse run over my bare foot!)
Anywho, that definitely sparks a fire under the house hunt.  We have looked at quite a few, and there is one we really want to get inside of that's a short sell and still occupied by people who are, let's say, not very keen on the fact that their house is up for sell.  We stood outside of it with our realtor for an hour this weekend.  We had an appointment but no one came to the door, even though we heard them inside, and the key in the lockbox wouldn't even fit into the front door.  We all think they changed the lock on the house because the listing agent says that they are being really uncooperative.  We'll get in it to see it someday, I suppose, whether it be now or 3 months from now when the bank kicks them out and the home goes into foreclosure. We have both said the more stubborn they are, the more it makes us want to look at it!

I'm excited about the house God has for us, and trust that He will get us in just the right house for us at just the right time.  We aren't too picky, as we know this is not our "forever home".  We are praying fervently for wisdom and direction, and patience to wait for God's plan.  It is our prayer that God would bless us with something that we can bless others with; that our home would be an extension of us wanting to honor God with everything we have.  I cannot wait to see not only the house he has for us, but the opportunities that will come from having it.  It's an exciting journey!

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