Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Whales and Dolphins

I am really good at getting overwhelmed.  

My brain constantly buzzes with all these things that I have to get done and I can get a bit crazed really easily.

Example:  I want to get laundry done.  So I gather laundry up from the various places it is and gather clothes from my gym bag.  That's when I notice that I should go through my makeup bag that's in there and clean my brushes because they haven't been cleaned in ages.  So, I wash out my makeup brushes in the bathroom sink.  The sink is pretty dirty so I decide to clean it.  While I have my cleaner out, I might as well clean the toilet and bathtub.  While cleaning the bathtub I notice that I am almost out of shampoo.  So I go write it down on my list.  This will remind me that we also need lemon juice for the recipe I want to cook later this week.  Where did I put that recipe?  Is it on the table?  No, but there is my camera.  I should upload those pics from vacation.  While on my computer I check Facebook and remember that I have a wedding shower coming up.   Which reminds me that I need to make sure the outfit I want to wear is clean, which reminds me that I need to do....LAUNDRY.  Which is the one and only thing I had intended on doing. 


So, to help with this craziness, I have adopted what I call my "whales and dolphins" philosophy.  Meaning, when all these little things clamor around in my brain, I remember that I have bigger fish to fry.  So, the only fish that get fried in my life are the big ones:  whales, dolphins, maybe a shark though they are hard to wrangle :)

Here is what a typical to-do list for me looks like, filled with all the things I "have" to do:

And this is what it looks like pared down, with only the big fish--the whales and dolphins--on it. 

So many times when I ask myself, "What really needs to get done today?", I end up realizing that so many things can wait.

So, if you feel overwhelmed today by all of your tasks or things to get done, remember, you have bigger fish to fry!  Figure out what those whales and dolphins are and fry them up!  Leave the minnows and trout for another day :)

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  1. Great idea to think of it this way. Sometimes it's easy to get distracted by the little things.

  2. Whales and dolphins. I like this metaphor! I tend to get so caught up with minnows that some of my whales and dolphins never get done. :)

    1. Minnows are the biggest stressors! Hope you can tackle some big fish today! :)