Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why Did I Never Think of This Before?

Sometimes, I feel a little too true to my hair color.

I recently have discovered my love for grapefruit.  I hated them growing up; I thought them way too sour.  My brother would dump sugar on them and eat them up.  We were blessed enough to go on a cruise for our honeymoon and one of the things they had an abundant supply of on the buffet line each morning was grapefruits.  And I fell in love.

Grapefruits are tricky little buggers.  I cut them in half, dig in with a spoon, and pledge to wear goggles the next time because I always seem to get hit in the eye with the juice that squirts out like little torpedoes.  I sometimes have them as a snack at work and I kid you not, juice flies onto my computer, the phone, me, my stack of papers....

This leads to a moment of inspiration when I was sitting at my desk last week, grapefruit before me, knife in hand, trepidation in my heart....when it dawned on me:  why don't I just slice it the way I do an orange and eat it as slices?

(enter sound of me slapping forehead as I ask myself, "Why did I never think of this before????"

Thus, brilliance was born:

I came.  I cut.  I conquered.

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