Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Great Christmas Idea

If I believe in God I should believe what He says, right?  I agree.  Which is why I try to take seriously everything He says in His word, including the parts where he says we are to take care of each other, and to take care of those who can't take care of themselves.

I recently became aware of fashionABLE, a company that creates sustainable business for women in Africa.  Watch this video to see what they do; it's really inspirational.  I love companies that aren't just about making a profit.  This is a great cause.  You can help these women of Ethiopia by buying one of their handmade scarves.  Look how cute these are!

 I was thinking that these would make great Christmas presents.  They're pricier than the cheap stuff you could get at Target or Old Navy, but why support the unethical business of paying Chinese and Filipinos pennies when you could pay more to help the lives of women and children in Africa?  So, bless a life and give one of these to your wife/sister/mom/daughter/friend!  What a great gift!

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