Friday, October 26, 2012

Quiet Time

Recently I read this post about not having your quiet time. 

Yes, you read that right.  Not having a quiet time.

I hate that we call it "quiet time".  Granted, you need to be without distractions in order to hear from God.  Often (for me at least), this involves being quiet enough that after I've talked (and boy, can I talk for a while!), I am left with nothing but silence, and then God speaks.

Quiet times for me have often been loud times.  Sometimes I shout at God in anger or desperation.  Sometimes it's the weeping of brokenness.  Sometimes it's just me yelling with glee or giving a great "Woohoo!" of glory.

I love the idea in the post I mentioned above about being intentional with our times with God.  To treat the Bible as the weapon that it is.  Last night at our small group we were teaching our girls about having time with God; we called it "time outs" as opposed to "quiet times".  We talked about how taking time with God is like a time out of an a sporting event.  You need it to rest, to replenish, to refocus, to get a plan. 

How we expect to win the game without consulting the coach is beyond me.  May we all take time today to be with God; to take a time out from our day to wield our swords.

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