Monday, October 8, 2012

Traditional Scrapbooking versus Project Life

I have been an avid scrapbooker since high school.  I love putting together pages and pictures to tell the story of my life.  In college I would collect pictures all year and then at the end of spring semester, I would put together a year's worth of pages over a 48 hour period. 

*I don't recommend that by the way.  Good way to make you want to lose your mind*

Scrapbooking is an incredibly expensive hobby.  I was never one to spend a ton on it, but even simple pages aren't cheap to put together.  I've always struggled too with trying to fit all the pictures I wanted on a page.  All the fancy uber creative scrapbook pages in magazines feature only one or two pictures per page.  My stars, that would take me 5 albums and $500 just to put one year's worth of my life down on paper!  The time commitment is also huge.  I didn't want to spend half an hour on each page.  Sometimes, putting together a scrapbook went from an activity I enjoyed to a chore I had to accomplish.

Then, I started taking fewer pictures, and deciding that not every picture I did take had to be in my scrapbook.  That helped.

Then, I discovered Project Life.  Have you heard of this?  If not, you need to check it out!

Project Life was designed by Becky Higgins, who used to work for one of the big scrapbooking magazines.  She wanted to make memory keeping easy, affordable, and enjoyable.  I ordered some of her Project Life photo pocket pages and some of her designer paper and love them!  I have not crossed over to 100% Project Life albums, though I can definitely see myself doing that eventually, especially when we have kids.  (I have my eye on her Core Kits).  For now, I still enjoy putting some traditional pages together, such as these:

 This is one from our honeymoon cruise.

 I loved this one! Dave and I watched a sunset over Lake Ontario, so I made a sun for the background.  Cheap and simple, but I like the overall look.

 This is one of my favorite layouts.  Hubs and I went zip-lining, so I pieced together trees from scrap paper and strung black thread across the pages to make a 3D zip line
 I even made the thread match up with the zip line in the pics.  *Smug I know, but it turned out so cute!

Have any of you tried Project Life?  Do you like it?

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