Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekend in Chattanooga

Can I tell you how awesome it is to have a husband who is not in school anymore?  And who isn't working for a shoddy employer who could care less about his employees?

It is fantastic.

My hubs started working at his new job about 6 weeks ago.  He loves it, and it's a great company.  One of the perks is that they pay for continuing education (something he has to do for certification each year).  There was a conference in Chattanooga recently and he got to go.  Work paid for hotel accommodations (at the Marriott no less!), mileage, and the conference fees.  And, he got paid to be at work, even though he wasn't at work.  These may seem like they're not important, but trust me, if you've ever worked and not had things like that, they are a very big deal.

I tagged along for the weekend because I get personal days at work too (a first for me, and man, is it nice!).  Here is a view from our room on the 9th floor of the Marriott in downtown Chattanooga.

Pretty swank, huh?  Friday while Dave was at the conference I got to have lunch with my awesome friend Natalie.  We met on a missions trip, and she is by far one of the coolest, most talented people I have ever met.  Not to mention, an incredibly talented writer.  Her first book, "Paperdoll", is fantastic and a must read for girls and women of all ages.  Her blog is one of my favorites to read.

Anywho, I enjoyed catching up with her over lunch.  Then I went back to the hotel and camped out here:

Watching cable TV that we don't have at home and eating a chocolate scone in bed while perusing Pinterest.  It was a pretty swell time I must say.

Dave ran into our friend Cameron while on his lunch break, which was pretty awesome and random, so we stopped by his work later that evening to see him.  Then we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Genghis Grill, and a swim in the hotel pool afterward (and by swim I mean we sat in the water talking until we got all pruney).  

I definitely love that my husband is working at a job he loves and that provides for us.  These little perks aren't so bad, either! :)

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