Thursday, November 1, 2012

Delayed Glory

I caught the tail end of a Beth Moore devotional on the radio this morning.  She was talking about the temptation of Jesus in Matthew 6 and how Satan wanted Jesus to go ahead and reveal himself, and she said something that blew me away.  She said, "We do not understand what glory is at stake when we want to rush everything we want God to do for us and we want it now."  She pointed out the restraint of Jehovah-shammah ("God is there").

It's ironic to me that I ask God for things to happen quickly while at the same time asking Him to glorify Himself in my life.

She's right you know.  We often do forget or don't realize that sometimes God delays His answer to pray so that being His glory (and often our benefit, too) may be magnified.  In the mean time, we keep praying and trusting Him.  His delays are always worth it!

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