Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY Mickey Mouse Wreath

I was so excited to make this last week!

My in-laws work at Disney part time and love all things Disney.  I saw this idea somewhere on the Internet (I tried to find the site I saw it on but couldn't find it again; if this is your original creation please claim it!).  I knew that it would be a fun DIY to make for them for Christmas this year!

This was so easy to make.  I bought 2 Styrofoam wreaths; 2 small and one large at Hobby Lobby (make sure to use the 40% coupon they always have!).  I marked off where I wanted the color sections to be so that they would be evenly spaced, then just wrapped yarn around it.  (Hint:  I would put the starting end perpendicular to how I was wrapping the yarn, so that the tail was secured by the wraps, if that makes sense at all).

Once they were all done I used toothpicks and tacky glue to attach the 2 smaller ones to the large one.  Let it dry, tie it with a ribbon, and there you go!

This would be so cute hanging on a door, though I think I would put it on the inside of the door and not the outside, because yarn and Styrofoam aren't exactly built to last in the elements of the outdoors.

Happy crafting!

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  1. That is just adorable, Amanda! I'm sure they loved it, who wouldn'!

  2. Thanks! My mother-in-law loved it! :)