Saturday, January 26, 2013

DIY Stinky Pete

My nephew has had a slight (and by slight I mean phenomenally huge) obsession with Toy Story for the past couple of years.  He has every Toy Story character...except Stinky Pete.  When he was really little he would often say "I want Stinky Pete."  

Now, they don't make Stinky Pete toys anymore.  You can buy them on ebay for approximately half of my weekly take home pay.  I love my nephew, but I also like eating and being able to pay my rent.  I was determined to give him a Stinky Pete, though.  So, I decided to make one!

First, I found a pic online that I liked and drew a pattern for the size I wanted:

Then, I traced the pattern onto colored felt:  There he is!

Next, I traced the felt pieces on heat and bond paper (You can get sheets or rolls of it at any craft store).  I messed up on a few because I forgot that I would need to trace the reverse side of everything to make it work right.  Here are the pieces all ready to go:

Then, I followed the directions for the heat and bond and affixed all the pieces to a clean, ironed piece of fabric.

I then sewed the fabric into a little pillow, stuffed it, and there you have it:  STINKY PETE!

Not the best most elaborate toy in the world, but for a novice sewer like myself, I thought it was pretty good.    
Sometimes you just have to make do with what you can come up with! Happy Crafting (and making things work when you think there's no way it could happen!)

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