Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Daffodils?...

It is January 29th. 

It is going to be 67 degrees today.

Now that is my idea of a perfect winter's day!

Already daffodils are poking through the grass in my yard.  Last night, I heard the song of frogs outside our house.  Bless their hearts!  Today is only a teaser; winter will return again.  She is like a clingy ex who just can't stay away.

I love that the weather is so nice today.  I love that it's almost February, and that February is short and that soon it will be spring.  Makes me think of this song:

There's just something about sunshine and warmer temperatures that does my soul good (not to mention my body!  Vitamin D is a powerful elixir and who doesn't love being less pasty white?)  I love that spring is a season of new beginnings and renewed hope.  That our eyes and ears are awakened to the sounds and smells of new life.  God is so wise in his design of the seasons. 

God laid Psalm 128 on my heart this morning, and I loved the Message version of it.  (I have found that reading a verse or passage in different versions really adds to what I get out of it). 

"Stand in awe of God's Yes.  Oh, how He blesses the one who fears GOD!"

Wow!  How's that for an uplifting word?  "Stand in awe of God's Yes".  I think so often in life it's easy for us to think that all God says is "No", or "Not yet".  I remember once telling a friend that I was tired of God's plan B; why couldn't plan A work out for once?  God is not a miser.  He's not mean.  He is abundantly, exceedingly generous and oh my, how he loves to shower and lavish us with good things, the best thing being relationship with Him.  

Today I will choose to stand in awe of God's Yes.  To focus on the things He has given, the blessings He has showered me with, the miracles He has done in my life.  May my faith spring up like those daffodils in my yard, brave and trusting that God's provision is always there.

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