Monday, February 4, 2013

A Weekend Experiment: Weekend without Internet

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So, this weekend I did something unheard of.  I turned my computer off at work at 3:30 Friday afternoon (yippe for early days at the office!), and did not get on a computer again until 7:45 this morning.  That's right, I went a full 64 hours and 15 minutes without internet.

No email.

No Facebook.

No Pinterest.

I survived.

Better than that, I actually enjoyed it.  I felt that I lived.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not one many would consider Internet dependent.  I don't have Internet on my phone, I don't spend countless hours on Facebook.  It is amazing though, for a "moderate Internet user" such as myself, how a weekend without it makes you realize how much time you have. 

Ah, time, that elusive creature we continue to search after and hunt for.  I had more of it!  I mean my goodness, do I really want to spend such a precious commodity as time seeing other people's status updates instead of actually doing something worth updating about?  Do I really want to spend an hour and a half Saturday morning browsing other people's creative ideas on Pinterest instead of actually creating something myself?  The answer, of course, is no! 

There is nothing wrong with browsing Facebook of perusing Pinterest.  I just didn't realize what a trap the Internet had become for me. 

Now, it was slightly inconvenient not having it.  I couldn't pull that recipe off Pinterest that I had wanted to try.  My husband and I couldn't go to IMDB to figure out what other movie that actress has been in (IMDB has saved my sanity on more than one occasion!).  So, yes, having the Internet readily accessible is awfully helpful.  But I must confess I really, really loved going without it.  I cooked, I sewed, I cleaned out our refrigerator.  I watched a movie with my husband and we actually watched it, as opposed to both being on our laptops doing whatever while we "watch" it.

I definitely encourage you to try a weekend without getting online.  It's amazing how much more living you get done when the Internet is not there to suck your every minute, and for what?  Here's to spending more time living life, instead of spending our time getting updates and pics of how other people are living theirs!

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