Friday, February 15, 2013

Be gone temptation!

It's that of year again where I have to fight off temptation at every turn in my local Kroger.  Although it is just past Valentine's Day, they are everywhere, tempting me with their sweet, creamy yumminess.  Yes, it is the return of these:

Cadbury Creme Eggs.

These things are sugar perfection for me.  Chocolate bliss.  A perfect little oval of heaven.

I love the caramel kind and the chocolate kind.  But oh, the original!  It is my favorite favorite candy, made all the more desirable by the fact that it only pops up during the Easter season (or the months leading up to it evidently as they are appearing now).

Some people hate these.  To me, they are perfect.  I have to fight the urge to spend half my take home pay on them and hoard them in a box somewhere where my husband can't find them so that I can enjoy their sleek sugary goodness year round.  I have determined that if I ever develop Type II diabetes, these little guys will be the reason why.

Do you love seasonal candy?  Halloween is a big season for me (hello little sugar pumpkins!).  Christmas not to much though I do like to bake a bunch of yummies then.  Valentines, eh, nothing special.  But Easter?  Oh my.  We are taking some serious diabetes-inducing goodness!  Consider these:

1.  The Cadbury Mini Eggs
(Cadbury clearly has the market on Easter treats)

These little eggs are divine.  Crispy outside.  Creamy inside.  Small enough that you can devour your weight in them and think that you haven't eaten that many.  These are a sweatpants wearing food.  :)

2.  Behold, the chocolate bunny:

These are the pinnacle of Easter candy I suppose.  (Though my beloved creme eggs are still the cream of the crop for me).  Beware of these though, as they can be quite deceiving.  Some of them are hollow, filled with nothing but air and the disappointment of women everywhere.  Solid ones are the only "real" ones worth buying and increasing a pants size for.  Does everyone else start with the ears like I do?

3.  Robin Eggs

Buy them here!
These little malted marvels are a treat for the senses.  So much better than those plain malted milk balls you can get year round.

4.  Jellybeans, but only this kind:

you know you want some!

I do not like or recommend regular jelly beans (even the jelly belly kind).  These however, are oh so tasty, and have the ability to make me ridiculously hyper.  I plan on having a bag some day during labor just to give me the energy and will power to keep going!

5.  These little guys...

Marshmallow Peeps, no.  I ate them as a kid because obviously neither my brain nor my taste buds had fully developed yet.  These are gross.  But must be included because they are iconic and when I think of Easter I think of Jesus, and I think of these.

So there you go.  I am salivating after writing all of this and I think my drop of blood sugar signals that I must go to Kroger at once and buy some of these, both for my health and the integrity of this list.  Agree?

Happy Eating!

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