Tuesday, February 19, 2013

By faith...

Ever hear those, "A Quick Word with Beth Moore" segments on the radio?  I often catch them on one of our Christian radio stations while I'm on my way to work in the mornings. 

This morning, Beth was talking about Hebrews chapter 11 (The "Hall of Faith" chapter).  She talked about it being God's testimony of faithful lives; that all will appear in that testimony is what we do by faith.

"By faith, Amanda..."

She spoke of the people mentioned in Hebrews 11 and how they did many, many other good and Godly things.  But it was the things done in faith that were recorded in that testimony.

It made me think about what my faith will say about me.  What will be written about me in God's testimony of faithful people?  What will I do in faith?

Boldness of faith is a theme that I cannot run away from right now; God is dunking me in so many references to and conversations about it.  Think he's up to something?  I know He is.  I'm hoping that when God opens up His book of faith one day that there will be pages and pages of things we did by faith.  What a privilege that we are invited to faith so often in our journey.  As difficult as it may be to walk through, just think of the glory it brings to our Father.

And now, this song is playing in my head:

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