Sunday, February 24, 2013

Purse and Jewelry Organization

I am female and therefore am prone to accessorizing.

Now, I would not say that I have a full blown obsession.  I've pared down over the years.  I love necklaces.  I used to wear them daily but then when I started nannying full time and had little hands yanking on whatever was around my neck I got out of the habit.  I'm trying to get back into it.  And like any respectable woman, I have a collection of purses and bags for any occasion. (Though really, I go to work and church and the grocery store, and that's about it.  I should get rid of some bags that I never use but they're so cute I just can't bring myself to do it).

So, what is one to do with all of these accessories?  I found that jewelry boxes just left my stuff in a big tangled mess.  So, enter my mother and a trip to Kirkland's and you have this:

 This is one of those cheap displays for decorative plates.  But, as you can see, it makes an excellent and cute way to showcase your necklaces.  You can find these several places. (Kirklands is a good place to start).  This one isn't real metal either, so it's super light.  I chose one with lots of curls on it, one, because I liked how it looked, and two, because that provided a good edge to hang things from.

 Here's a close up.  And yes, I group my necklaces by color :)

A few years after I found the necklace holder, I spotted this coat hanger at Pier One imports and thought it would be perfect for storing my purses and bags.  Clutches or bags I don't want to hand are stored up top, and others hang below.  It's a great way to keep everything out and not stuffed in a box in my closet, plus, I think it's great living artwork so to speak.  Plus, it matched the necklace display perfectly!  Score!

I love that these both hang on a wall instead of taking up precious space on my dresser.  I have found too, that I more likely to actually use the things I own if I can see them and access them easily.  The purse one could always be relocated to a hallway or entry way some day if we ever move.

How do you keep things organized? 

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