Friday, March 22, 2013

$40 for my Sanity

It's funny how sometimes it's the little things that make the most difference. 

As I've mentioned before, I am a total Type-A person; I am uber organized and cannot stand clutter.  Our dining nook (it's more nook than room really) has been a constant source of frustration for me.  We had lined up all the chairs by the windows and had them stacked with boxes; we had crates full of canned goods on the floor from a lack of cabinet space in the kitchen; we had a dresser in there to help contain stuff; and there was a constant tower of things on the dining room table as we just don't have anywhere else to put stuff.  Our kitchen/dining room is also the entry into our house, so there was no "out of sight, out of mind" business going on.  You could see the mess ALL. THE. TIME.

Finally, I had had enough.  I saw a shelving unit on sale for $40 in the Target ad a few weeks ago and off I went to get one.  I tore apart my dining room, got rid of a ton of stuff I determined we no longer needed, pushed the dresser aside (we later sold it on craigslist for 30 bucks), and (painfully and irritatedly) put that shelf together. 

*I do not suggest putting together cheap shelves by yourself.  Blood was shed and some choice words were uttered by me that night. *

In less than two hours, my dining room was transformed.  Never before have I been so thankful for a $40 organizational tool.

No more stacks on the table.  No more storing the crock pot on the floor.  No more tripping over the recycling box. 

Forty dollars, two hours, and a bleeding toe later, my stress level diminished permanently by about 20%.  Definitely a worthwhile investment....even the bleeding toe.

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