Sunday, March 3, 2013

ABC's of Me

A — available or married?
    Married, oh so happily!  What did I do before I had this man with me?

B — book?
   Just finished Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage.   If you like YA reads, you need to read this.

C — cake or pie?
    If I had to choose, I'd go with cake.  Though really, I'd rather have a cookie.

D — drink of choice?
     Water, milk, coffee!

E — essential item?
     Chapstick.  I'm still looking for the 12 step program for addicts like myself of this particular vice.

F — favorite color?

G — game to watch or play?
     Basketball to watch (college only), volleyball if I'm playing.  Or dodgeball.  Or kickball! Oo yeah, kickball!

H — hometown?
     Podunk town in NC where the Walmart is biggest thing we have going on

I  — indulgence?
     Starbucks and baths so long I get all pruny

J  — job?
     Financial and administrative stuff

K — kids and their names?
     Names are figured out, but the kids aren't here yet ;)

L — life is incomplete without?
     Jesus, my husband, friends, books, good food

M — music group of singer?
      In love with Lifehouse and MercyMe right now

N — number of siblings?
     1 by birth; more by spriti

O — oranges or apples?
      Depends...apples in the winter taste yuck, so this time of year I'll take the oranges

P — phobias/fears?
     Creepy Crawly things.

Q — favorite quote?
      "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it."
R — reason to smile?
    Spring is coming!

S — season?
     Spring and summer.  I love warm days full of sunshine.  And my toes hate being confined to shoes.

T — tattoos?
     None and none planned.  I think they're tacky.

U — unknown fact about me?
    I believe in fairy tales

V — vegetable you love?
     I'll eat almost anything in a salad or on a sandwich.  Cooked vegetables are another story...

W — worst habit?
     Failure to make eye contact when I talk to people.  Wonder why that is?

X — X-rays you've had?
     One on my foot/ankle.  I think that's it...

Y — your favorite food?
     Blueberries, peanut butter toast, milk, hamburgers

Z — zodiac?
     I follow Jesus; he's the only sign I need ;)

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