Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Original Poem

I was flipping through the pages of an old book I've written stories and things in and came across this poem I wrote a few years ago:

I love to feel Your breath on my face,
The sweet touch of Your presence, the soft kiss of grace.
Blowing on the mountain tops right above the trees,
And winding down through valleys low where I sit crying on my knees.
You say a word; You send it out on a breath as light as air,
Enveloping me with God-breath as it rustles through my hair.
Spirit every surrounding-this wind in front and behind,
Come sweep Your breath over my heart and Your whirlwind through my mind.
Wind of God, oh breath of love, sweet Spirit ever near me,
Sweep forever o’er my life and blow always ever so sweetly.

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