Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Change o' the hour

Hello internet friends!

Did you adjust to the time change this weekend?  I must say, I do not understand people who complain about losing an hour of sleep.  My goodness, in exchange for one measly little hour you get to enjoy longer daylight!!!  No more running errands after work and feeling like it's nearly bedtime.  No more winter blues and wanting to go to work in your sweat pants and eat carbs all the time! (well, OK, those last two I struggle with year round...)  Bring on the sunshine!  I was so happy this weekend that temps here finally crested over 65 that I could hardly contain myself.  Alas, it is going to be high 40's Wednesday.  Winter just can't exit gracefully; she's such a drama queen.

I am recovering from a nasty little respiratory virus.  Darn thing has held on for nearly 2 weeks now.  Luckily I finally broke down and went to the doctor last Thursday.  Can I just tell you what a blessing cough syrup with codeine is?  Sweet glory.  The night I got it was the first night in 10 that I slept more than just a few hours.  Bliss.

Hopefully I can kick this thing soon.  I am aching for the gym.  I need a good workout but at this point wouldn't be able to muster it. I think we'll see how I manage a trip to Target first, and then move on from there.

Ever notice how you get all these ideas and plans for things you want to do when you are sick?  I always plot out the longest to do list and the most elaborate plans when I'm sick.  Go figure that I think of things to do when I barely have the strength to wash my hair and not fall over. 

I did read through an impressive amount of books these past few days as that was the only thing I had energy for.  Details to come on those later.  For now, enjoy your extra hour of daylight!

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