Friday, March 1, 2013

Decision made: Growing out my bangs

My hair and I have a love/hate relationship.  Meaning, I love to hate it most of the time.

I chopped it off a couple summers ago and since then have been letting it grow out.  It's longer now than it probably has been, maybe ever?  And I want it even longer!  In the past when I've tried to grow out my hair I always would end up getting really frustrated because my hair is baby fine but there is a ton of it, so when it's long it just gets so heavy I can't do anything with it.

This time, though, I am resolved.  I have a trim and a thinning out scheduled for next week which will help.  And, I've decided to lose the bangs.

I have had bangs of some sort my. entire. life.

I had full bangs as a little girl and then, when I let those grow out in middle/high school I always kept some sort of bang, even if it was just the push-to-the-side type.

For whatever reason (possibly hormones and job stress), I made the spontaneous decision the other day to grow them out.

I like my bangs but they annoy me because they are either too short or too long most of the time.  You get such a limited window of good bang length.  I trim my own at home to save money and goodness knows I am no hair stylist, so maybe that has lent to the fact that I am just done with them.

So, here we go: operation long hair, no bangs. 

I was looking at pics and think I can pull it off:

Sarah Lancaster
OK, she has bangs, but still, they're very well incorporated into her hair.  (Does anyone else love Sarah Lancaster as much as I do?  First in "Saved by the Bell, The New Class" and then later in "Chuck" her!)

from Familiale
This hair is gorgeous.  Granted, so is this girl, so the look will not be quite as fetching on me.  I have a double chin so was always told that I needed bangs to soften my "rounded"  face.  However, now that my nose has outgrown my other facial features, somehow I think the whole no bangs thing will work.  Don't ask me how I reached that conclusion.  I just did,

**Did you know that your nose and ears NEVER stop growing?  It's because they are cartilage and not bone.  I am a bit concerned at this because in recent months I have become aware of just how pronounced (AKA huge) my nose has become.  And I am only 30 people.  I fear that by the time I am an old geezer, I will look something like this:

My husband has quite the nose too, though, so at least we will match. :)

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