Monday, March 25, 2013

Of Mice and Men

So, I work with a bunch of men. Now, I have nothing against the male gender, but sometimes, it's hard working with a bunch of men.  They do weird things.  They lose things that you need.  They take forever getting back to you, and that's if they bother getting back to you at all.  They make weird decisions.  In short, they are not women.  They are men.  Sometimes, they drive me nuts.  Sometimes, they think I'm crazy because I am a woman, and not a boy, and I see things differently than they do.


We had an invasion of rodents in one of our rooms downstairs.  About that same time I and another co-worker started hearing the sound of little rodents in our walls and in our drop ceiling.

Not okay.  Of course, my outcries at rodents being so close fell on deaf ears.  I think they looked at me and were thinking, "Oh how cute, she's scared of mice."  This continued on for weeks on end; no end of the mice.  Last week I heard one overhead that I swear was the size of a house cat or a small Volvo.  My ceiling tiles actually bent under the weight of the monstrous rodent making his way over my head.  This scene is what came to mind:


The next day I came to work and was greeted by mouse poop all over my desk.

All.  Over.  My.  Desk.

Double Ew!

Our pest control people were called pronto.  Our pest guy, Joe, came out and was in the middle of helping my wallpaper and carpet my office with bait and traps when our building caught on fire.

It was a very interesting week at work last week.

This morning as I drove to work, I prayed for a boring week at work.  No mice, few men.  And certainly no fires.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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