Thursday, March 7, 2013

On My Bookshelf

I tend to read in feast or famine mode.  Right now, I am feasting!  I had a terrible cold all this past weekend so read quite a few books as reading was the only thing my body had energy for.  (that and watching "The Hatfields and McCoys" miniseries on History Channel).  Here's what I read/finished this weekend:

Throne of Glass
by Sarah Maas. 
Loved this. The story is gripping, the characters interesting, the setting intriguing.  I love a good story about a pretty girl who can totally kick butt and Celeana is totally that.  There's a love story element but it's not the main focus.  I'm really excited for the sequel to this.  Two thumbs up!

The Kitchen House 
by Kathleen Grissom. 
This was really well written, but the story is just sad, so I can't say that I enjoyed it.  Although I loved Hunger Games, and that wasn't exactly a happy go lucky story.  This is a great piece of historical fiction, and I really liked how it's a great example of patterns of family interactions being passed down.  I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it either; the story just wasn't one that I cared for.

by Jon Acuff.
I've heard so many things about this book and was excited to finally get my hands on it.  It did not disappoint.  It's all about using your day job to be your safety net and launching platform to achieve your dream job.  I liked that it was full of practical wisdom (none of this Gen X "You can do anything if you just dream it!" crap.)  Excellent read.  He really gives a great perspective on your current job and how to get where you want to be (Hello, hard work!).  Definitely recommend.

Rich Christians in an Age of Hungerby Ronald J Sider.
A must, must, must read if you are a part of Christ's church.  No matter your denomination or political affiliation, you need to read this.  It gives a great Biblical perspective on wealth and the poor.  Definitely recommend. 

What have you been reading lately?

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