Monday, April 29, 2013

April showers

I need it to stop raining.  Not only because being wet is not preferable, but the barometric pressure changes have given me the most insane sinus headache that I cannot get rid of.  Often this past week I have wanted the hubs to drill a hole right into my forehead to relieve it. Boo on sinus ickiness.  I console myself though with the beauty of all the greenness that is the outdoors right now (minus the quarter inch thickness of pollen on my porch and car).  I love the suddenness of spring; how things are budding and blooming and then BAM! --things are green.  God's so sneaky sometimes, even with the expected things.

I told someone once that falling in love with Dave was a lot like the changing of the seasons. I get really excited when I know spring is coming and every day wake up wanting to see if things have bloomed and budded yet.  And then one day I'll be driving to work and realize that oh, everything is budding and blooming!  Even though I was waiting for it and anticipating it, it still manages to catch me off guard and surprise me.  Falling in love with my husband was like that.  Love was something I'd searched my whole life for and then BAM!  All of a sudden I was in love with this guy who I'd been expecting my whole life but who still snuck up on me.  God's good like that.  Very James Bondish in his mysterious tendencies, but, who doesn't like James Bond anyways?

In other news, my birthday is this upcoming weekend and it is taking many ounces of (what little) self control I have not to bake every yummy thing I have a recipe for as means of celebration.  I have baking fever, and so few to bake for.  This needs to be remedied.  I need to work for a huge corporation so that I can bring baked treats and know they will get eaten and enjoyed by someone.  If you have a craving for baked treats, do tell, and perhaps USPS will be kind enough to get something scrumptious from my kitchen to your mailbox without being investigated by the FBI... :)

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