Monday, April 15, 2013

Cooler than cool

"It seems like once people grow up, they have no idea what's cool."--Bill Watterson

Joe Cool

What makes something cool?  I think it's interesting how our definition of cool changes as we age.  When I was a teen cool was what people told me it was.  Now, I define it based on what I think is cool.  (Which makes cool things cooler, yes?) 

Anyways, here's 10 things I think are cool:

1.  Confidence

 I wish someone had been able to convince me as a teen/young adult that being myself was cooler than anything.  It's so cliche but so true.  I remember my friend Brooke in high school and how everyone loved her because she wasn't fake; if she didn't get a joke she would say so, and not just laugh.  Such a small thing, but I remember how much that spoke to me.  If you don't get a joke, say so.  If you wanna rock a floral print dress and Chucks, by all means do it.  Confidence is cool.

2.  Embracing your inner geek

Everyone likes something geeky.  Half of the things I pin on Pinterest are related to Star Wars.  And I am not ashamed.  What's the "dorky" thing that you love?  Embrace it.

3.  Crazy Athleticism

 I mean seriously, that is ridiculous, and crazy cool.

4.  Classic Cars

1966 Mustang

5.  Acapella groups

6.  Jack Bristow


If you've never watched Alias, you need to. 

7.  Jack Bauer

 I have just discovered 24.  Sweet mercy, it is soooo good!

8.  Crazy Talent

And you just thought building toothpick bridges in physics class was so uncool....

9. The pastors at my church

Recently I followed a facebook one-up battle between two of them.  Shepherding the masses but abounding in wit.  One of our pastors took a Big head of himself to College Gameday when they were here in town back in September.  So you are sitting at home watching Lee Corso and all of a sudden this giant cardboard head of your pastor is right there over Lee's shoulder.  Love my pastors.  They're crazy cool like that. 

10.  This guy

Popeye for real


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