Friday, April 26, 2013

Explanation please


I've seen this quote all over Pinterest and thought two things.  First, that it's true.  And second, that it totally applies to certain teachers I had in high school who, according to Albert here, didn't know what the mess they were talking about.

I've always found it helpful when trying to learn or understand something to explain it out loud.  The best way for me to study for tests and exams in college was to pretend I was explaining things and speak it out loud.  (this is why I could never study in libraries, as people would look at the crazy chick talking to herself and campus police probably would have been called to escort me from the building).

Leading a group of 7th grade girls in Bible study this year has really pushed the truth of this quote to the forefront. There is nothing that makes you understand God or salvation or prayer like explaining it simply to a 12 year old.  I always find myself amazed at how simple it all is.  At how you can strip away all of our Christian jargon and secret church language and explain it in ways that can be understood.  I've used One Direction, Kate Middleton, and Disney movies as metaphors to explain things to these girls over the past 9 months.  Explaining things to them has taught me so much along the way!  

This week we were talking about worship being a lifestyle and about pursing God and listening to Him and I had the chance to explain walking with Christ being similar to a road trip across the country with your best friend; about the journey being the best part, not just getting from point A to point B.  I could tell that they 'got it' and it made me so happy.  I love seeing them understand and start to put together an accurate picture of who God is and what it means to walk with him.  I'm so flippin' excited to see who these girls turn out to be.  They totally rock my world.  

And in the meantime, God has used me teaching them to teach me so much.  To understand anew what prayer actually is and why we listen to God and why obedience is important.  To define with clarity what it means to sacrifice and what redemption is.  If you ever need to understand a tenant of faith better, tell someone about it.  Sometimes it's a struggle to explain an aspect of faith to someone, and that's OK.  Because as you fight for the right words or explanation, it increases your knowledge of the subject, even if it's by you realizing what isn't a good way to explain something.  I think it's so easy as Christians to use church words and terms and forget what things really mean.  So, go remind yourself.  It's a good way to share Christ while you practice :)

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