Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I say a little prayer...

I am one of those people that cannot stand silence.  I constantly have something on in the background at work.  When I'm not rocking out to my 90's pop station on Pandora, sometimes I listen to sermons online.  Chip Ingram is one of my favorites.  I was listening to one of his sermons on Revelation and in it he started talking about prayer.  He said that 'lack of prayer is the greatest evidence of arrogance and self-sufficiency.'

Wow.  That got me good!  He continued and said that when we're not praying it's as if we're saying "I can handle this", when of course, we can't.  We are meant to be desperately dependent on God, always asking for His help.  God delights in our prayers and hell shakes when we pray.  I was really convicted because even though I toss up prayers throughout the day, I spend more time watching TV or working out than I do with God.  Sometimes I think it's so easy to forget that relationship with God is what's most important, and that prayer is the avenue that that relationship is most played out on.

I read this on one of the blogs I follow recently:

The reality is, God constantly places us in situations that are far beyond our ability to bear. He places us smack dab in the middle of befuddling, perplexing, overwhelming, even crushing circumstances. Why does God do this? To humble us. To make us painfully aware that we cannot make it through this life apart from him. To highlight our desperate dependence on him. God strips us of our own strength to make us totally reliant upon his strength.

It's incredible for me to think that God wants to be with me to the point that He'll create a situation that drives me to seek Him.  All because he wants to be with me so much.  What's even more incredible is that I have this amazing opportunity to approach God through prayer any time I want, and I so often don't take advantage of it.  And I don't say that as a means of taking myself on a guilt trip, but more of a "You live on the beach and don't ever go enjoy it?!?"  type of thing. 

The truth is, I can't accomplish anything without Jesus.  I can't be a good wife or friend.  I can't accomplish goals or lead my small group or speak encouragement to anyone.  I can't have a good attitude or control myself in any way or even take a breath without Him.  If I want to be good at life; to have healthy relationships and thrive and grow and enjoy this life and be the best I can, then I need to constantly be tapping into that source of strength and power.  The same God who made dry bones walk--that same power that made dead men breathe again--I have access to it.  Imagine what my life would be if I were utilizing that more?  Here's to finding out--

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