Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rules for Life

Happiness Project
Have you read Gretchen Rubin's 'The Happiness Project'?  I skimmed most of it in Barnes and Noble one afternoon and really liked it.  In it she talks about her personal commandments.  And as I love a good list and exercise in self definition, here's my list of rules to live by.

*Please note, this is my list.  They apply to me and my life.  I share them as a means of encouragement, not as a mandate that everyone should adopt them as their own. (and some of these are stolen from other people)

Life Rules:
1.  Be Amanda.
2.  Act the way you want to feel.
3.  Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
4.  Spend out-trust in abundance.
5.  Never give counsel to your fears. (In other words, don't sit down with your fears and have a conversation.  They only speak lies)

Physical Rules:
1. Exercise makes you feel better, think better, and look better-do it.
2.  Sugar and caffeine do the opposite.
3.  Listen to your body and be obedient to its needs.
4.  It's okay to "be lazy" when you need it.
5.  No food makes you feel as good as eating healthy.
6.  Drinking water is not an option.

Work and Career:
1. It's ok to not have a "career"-focus on your mission field above all else. God can use you anywhere.
2.  It is not up to you to fix or solve everything.
3.  Leave work at work

1.  A clean house makes you appreciate it more-
2.  But, a messy house is ok.  It is not a priority over you or others.
3.  Go for comfort over style; function over fashion (the same is true with clothes)

1.  Know yourself.
2.  Invest in classics.
3.  Dress your age.
4.  If it doesn't fit, doesn't work, or is merely tolerated, it shouldn't be in your closet.
5.  Only buy things that can be worn in a variety of ways and seasons.

1.  Few messes are so big that they can't be cleaned; let them make messes.
2.  Good nutrition is essential.
3.  Teach your children to be self-entertaining.
4.  Promote creativity.
5.  Remember, they are yours to train but not yours to control.  They may not be who you want or like what you want.  Embrace who they are.
6.  Have a schedule but be ok straying from it.
7. Naps solve a lot of problems.
8.  Never give control of a situation to a 2 year old-remember who is in control!
9.  Invest in experiences, not toys.
10.  If you want your kids to know something, be prepared to teach them yourself.  Never assume someone else is. 

1.  Your husband is priority one.
2.  Children are number two.
3.  Don't be afraid to say no.
4.  Invest in those you want around you for the next 10+ years.
5.  Time to yourself is invaluable.
6.  Play with your husband.
7.  Create romance.

1.  Pray constantly.  This involves listening.
2.  Rejoice always; perspective can be altered when you're grateful and evaluate outside of yourself.
3.  When in distress, read the Psalms.
4.  When down, read Philippians.
5.  The Old Testament has treasures galore.  Do not neglect it.
6.  Remember that God's sense of humor is first rate.
7.  Trust the process.
8.  God created logic; He can defy it.
9.  If you're stuck, worship until something happens.
10.  Your life should proclaim the greatness of God; does it?

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