Thursday, April 4, 2013

Self Prophecy and a lesson in trust

I was looking back through some things the other night and came across this poem that I had written in 2008.  In lieu of a Christmas card, I came up with my own version of "Twas the night before Christmas".

Twas the night before Christmas when my little mind wandered
And upon the past year my heart sat and pondered
Oh the places I’ve been and the things God has done
How different things were when 2008 had begun!
I started the new year in the job at the school
Managing curriculum for children and enforcing the rules
Knowing I was impacting these little minds and feet
But still having problems making ends meet.
When alas in February there arose such a deal!   
$35,000 a year!  Oh I could squeal!
It involved moving far, far away
And did I really want it?  I couldn’t quite say!
After much prayer I implored God my one true request
“It is here in Knoxville that I want to be blessed!”
And then in a twinkling I heard from up above
A silent assurance and whisper of love
As I finished my prayer and was turning around
The Lord’s perfect will came tumbling down!
A new job!  How exciting!  It gave me such joy!
I was going to be the nanny of a sweet little boy!
Jack is his name and I’ve been with him since May
Teaching him things and watching him play
In the midst of a job, I’ve enjoyed family too
Enjoying my nephew who just turned two!
And delighted I was in August to discover
That my brother and his wife were expecting another!
Not to be outdone, Jack’s mom said out of the blue
They were expecting another baby too!
Two babies will be born not 2 weeks apart-
Oooh I love babies!!  They warm up my heart!
And amidst all the babies there has been traveling too!
From weddings in Florida to day trips to the zoo!
God is so good!!  And His timing a whiz
I’d gladly exchange my plans for His;
He has blessed me so much and remained ever so faithful
And for all of that I’m eternally grateful,
I’m glad this year turned out different than I’d planned
In 2009, God please send a man!! 

I love reading this and seeing where I was and where God has taken me in the 4 short years that have followed.  What I especially love is that in 2009 I started hanging out with this guy Dave.  And we became friends.  And then we started dating.  And in 2010 I stood with him before God and our friends and family and vowed to be his for the rest of my life.

It just goes to show that things can change so very quickly.  So when you reach those times in life when you feel like nothing is happening (to you anyways-there always seems to be good abounding in the lives of others), cling to the truth that God has a way of bringing things together quickly.  He's always working.  Even when you're sitting down in December and writing a silly poem, jokingly asking (and unknowingly prophesying about) your future spouse.  If you had told me that December that I would be talking marriage to a man one year from then, I wouldn't have believed it for a second. 

God is incredibly good at what He does.  Cling to that today-- 

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