Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good Scents (aka, the power of smell)

Today is one of those days that just smells good.

That sounds weird, but you know what I mean.  Everything is bright and green but it's not mugggy out yet and honeysuckles are starting to bloom and it just smells like a fantastic day; it smells like spring/summer.

I absolutely love this smell.

Isn't it crazy how certain smells can evoke a memory?  They say that our sense of smell is most linked to our memory and I don't doubt it.  I took a little walk around our building at work today and the smell made me think of the summer camp I worked at.  It was intense too; I could hear the sounds there and think of where I'd be and all these good memories just came rushing back.

I do that with other smells too.  The distinct smell of Jergens lotion always makes me think of my Grandma.  The smell of diesel gas takes me back to my first mission trip to Ecuador.  The smell of bacon frying always reminds me of waking up in my Grandma's guest room to the smells of her making breakfast.

It makes me wonder what smells my kids will enjoy and cling to growing up.  Will the smell of chocolate chip cookies make them think of me?  Will the smell of salt water make them think of trips to the beach?  What meal that I cook will be their favorite and every time they make it, remind them of home?

Some of my favorite smells are weird ones.  Gasoline (yes, I am that weird person)--especially if it's a gasoline smell combined with a shed or wood of some sort.  Oh man, I am so weird for liking that.  I love the smell of freshly mowed grass.  Honeysuckle scents make me swoon.  I love how my hubby smells-well, most of the time ;)

So here's to smelling the day--hope it's a good smell for you! :)

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