Thursday, May 9, 2013

In which my idol is a post-it note

So, this week has been one of those weeks where I can just throw the to-do list out the window.  My car died on the way to church Sunday so all day Monday I was car-less (and here in the southeast we do not build cities based around the idea of public transit.  I needed my car).  As it was, my hubby works late on Mondays so I was at work until 7 waiting on him.  That mean all my grand plans for Monday from running errands to going to the gym to getting home and doing some chores were all scratched.

Then Tuesday morning I woke up with a sprained knee  (Sidenote:  only I could injure my MCL whilst sleeping.  I must have been dreaming that I was a ninja or something).  So, there went that plan for going to the gym and doing lots of "let's-be-on-our-feet-and-get-things-done" things, as I was in pain using my leg.

So, yeah, been one of those weeks where the to do list is a moot point.  Or a "moo point" as Joey from Friends would say, and if you do not understand that reference, you need to educate yourself with the video below.  You're welcome.

Anywho, I've realized over the past couple days what an idol I make out of my to-do lists.  I have always loved efficiency and productivity and let's face it, being an adult requires a lot of tasks.  Laundry, going to the bank, calling this person, paying that bill, remembering this birthday, and making snacks for that...the list goes on and on (really, how do working moms balance adulthood, a job, and family?  Major props and kudos to them).

It helps me tremendously to have lists.  One, because I practically have dementia I think and can't remember anything.  Two, it helps give purpose and effectiveness to my days and weeks.  Lists aren't bad, I think I've just let them define my day too much.  It's been liberating to not have my lists to guide my every move these past couple of days.  Perhaps it's something I need to be doing more of; having a day a week maybe where I have no list and no agenda.  Sunday would be a good day for it. Hmm making the Sabbath an actual Sabbath, free of striving.  Novel idea huh?   I think this needs to be something I explore and practice with more.

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