Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Next time won't you sing with me?

I saw this fun little gem on my friend Natalie's Blog and thought it would be fun.  (FYI, you should totally check out Natalie's blog.  She's super cool and one of the most crazy talented people that I know!  And, her dog is the cutest animal on the planet.  For reals, go look at her pics)

Anywho, here we are:  The ABC's of Crazy Me

Ambition: To always be telling stories; to be brave enough to write one.  To be a mama who doesn’t base my identity in being a mom but in being in Christ.  To live full and die knowing Christ well but not so well that I’m not beside myself with joy at the idea of being with Him in heaven.
Bad Habit: Getting angry too soon and too often. 
Celebrity Crushes: My first were Luke Skywalker and Bo Duke.  Then in college I watched Wrangler Jeans commercials with glee to see Brett Favre (I only liked him in those commercials though; I’m weird like that).  I had a crush on Gerard Butler that lasted about 1 or 2 of his movies.  Christian Bale has been on my list since Little Women. 


Drink: I drink water like a camel (really, 128 ounces of it are my minimum most days).  I love coffee, and Dr. Pepper, and milk—nothing beats it!
Education: School of Hard Knocks.  Ha-not really, but life has educated me far more than any actual school I’ve attended. 
Food: Blueberries are my favorite food ever.  Nothing beats a good hamburger and fries.  Muffins are my weakness; any flavor, any time.
Guilty Pleasures: Going to Barnes and Noble and sipping Starbucks while perusing a 12 inch stack of magazines; long, hot baths; dancing in my underwear when I’m home alone

Hometown: Po Dunk North Carolina.  Seriously, growing up the nicest restaurant in town was Pizza Hut and the nearest mall was 2 hours away.  People still think it’s funny that I don’t consider something an hour and a half away to be far. 
Ice Cream: Marble Slab has banana ice cream which is divine when combined with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Sadly, all the Marble Slabs in town closed down.  Sadness.
Jonesing for:  A tan, the 3rd book in the ‘Divergent’ series to come out, and some good barbeque
Kryptonite: Good stories that take me hostage
Look-a-like: I was told once that I look like Drew Barrymore.  I think that comment came from someone with serious vision problems, because I do not see it.  I was also told once that I look like this jazz singer Diana Krall.  I don’t see that either.  Really, I don’t think I look like anybody.

I don't see it...
Movie: Last of the Mohicans is my favorite movie ever.  History, action, romance all tied into one, and taking place in a beautiful setting = fantastic movie.
Nickname: Hubs calls me Mandas
Obsessions: Stories, Marvel movies, books I reread a gazillion times, my hubby, whatever current project I’m into, poor people
Perfume: allergic to it.  I stick with fruity body spray
Quirk: I have a legion.  Here’s a few:  I like my orange juice over ice, salt and pepper on my mac and cheese, I sing when I’m in physical pain, and get more southern in my speech when I’m around people who talk that way
Regret: Letting other people’s desires control my life for so long
Starbucks: Frappuccino, either mocha or peppermint mocha, double blended to make sure there are no chunks of ice in it.  There are few things more maddening to me than spending $5 on a drink and having most of it be ice chunks.  No, thank you
The Last Book You Read: Just re-read “The Negotiator” by Dee Henderson.  Last book I read that was new was ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green
Unique Feature: I’m a natural blond, which at my age, is evidently a rare thing. 
Vacation: Yes, please. 
Wine: Never liked the stuff.  Give me an ameretto sour or long island iced tea and I’m good
 X: solve for it?
Years: 31, and they’ve been good.  Scary to realize that in another 31 years I will be 62.  That’s old people
Zen: Me and Dave, in the jeep in summer.  Love that man.

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