Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On my bookshelf

I am a bit of a feast or famine person when it comes to checking out books from the library.  Sometimes I have 6 books in my possession and another 6 on hold.  Other times I go MIA from the library action for a few weeks.

Such a time is now.  I just needed a break from the back and forth to pick up and drop off books and I am one of those people who could re-read books I love a gazillion times and never tire of them.

This week I've started revisiting the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson.  My friend Lacy bought me the prequel for a gift a few years back and man oh man, I loved them!  Now, typically I do not like Christian fiction because as a general rule if a book is Christian fiction it is so cheeseball you could serve Ritz crackers with it at a party.  These books however are the exception to the rule.  They have the obligatory romance line in them but all of the main characters have these really stressful jobs and there is a mystery/action part to each one and the storyline from the previous book plays a minor role in the next book, etc, so when you get to the last one, everything ties together nicely.

I'm also one of those people who can read a book, love it, and two weeks later not be able to put together three coherent sentences about it.  I think I have short term memory problems or something, because for real, I forgot everything.  It's a miracle I can drive home each night to the correct house.  Anywho, that being said, it makes it even more fun for me to go back and read a series I love a year later because I always forget details and it's fun to rediscover things as I reread.

If you haven't read this, do!  They are like CSI meets sappy romance meets Hallmark movie meets Law and Order.

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