Sunday, May 5, 2013

On turning 31

Thirty one.  31.  Gosh, I'm in my thirties now.  That feels so weird to say, even though that's been my reality for a year now.  I had a little hesitancy at first at turning 31.  I think it will be OK though; so far my 30's have shaped up to be a pretty good decade. 

Since turning 30 last year:  Dave has finished school, passed his boards, and gotten a job; my job went full time (no more 2 part time jobs!); my first book was published, and we have started attacking our debt.  All in 12 months.  On top of that, I've gotten (mostly) back to my pre-mono strength, cooked oodles of new recipes, developed friendships, read good books, learned how to sew, led a small group, and started talking to my parents again.  Wow!  It truly is remarkable how much the Lord accomplishes, and how better we see it when we write it all out.

It makes me wonder what God will accomplish in the next 12 months, both in my circumstances and within me.  Oh Lord, help me to live my life; not to compare myself or my life with anyone else's.  Help me to live fully, embracing all that I am. 

I am to be no one else but me. 

I am not pregnant.  I don't have an exciting new job.  I'm not in grad school. And I didn't just buy a new house. 

I work as a secretary.  I don't use my degree, and I've rented the same tiny house for the past 8 years. 

But my life is enviable.

I have a wonderful, thriving, life giving relationship with the all knowing, holy God.

I have a fantastic, healthy, affirming marriage.  I have friends who love me even when I am a mess.  I have published an e-book and am finally writing a story--one that, when I started I was afraid I'd run out of things to say, and now find that my fingers cannot keep up with I want to tell.  I create.  I cook.  I laugh and make others laugh.  I have a fantastic man who loves me and shows it every day.  There are some who look at my life and want what I have.  How blind I am to my life's own goodness. 

Oh how I want to live my life well. 

Come on you next 12 months--what will you hold?

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