Saturday, May 18, 2013

So, lately

It's almost June.

How did that happen?

Here are my thoughts as of late:

1.  The weather here is finally what it is supposed to be this time of year.  I keep taking trips outside during work to lap around the building and breathe in the air.  Sunshine makes me happy.  Good ole serotonin.  I walked outside a dozen times this week and immediately started praising God for good weather, which led to a praising of other things.  I think I should move to Hawaii so that the nice warm weather there makes me praise God more.  It's for Jesus that I would do it.

2.  Starbucks has a mocha cookie crumble frap this summer.  I am on a budget and try not to flood my body with refined sugar.  Those two truths are waging war with each other.

3.  The hubs and I are going on a road trip over Memorial Day weekend.  One of our destinations is a beach.  I cannot convey the depths to which that statement makes me excited.  May the weather be so nice that I come back with a nice golden tan.

4.  I don't think there will ever come a time in my life where I am not calmed by having a clean house.  I attacked our disgusting kitchen and bathroom floors Thursday night and I swear, that is like Xanax or whiskey to me.  Instantly soothing.

5.  I signed up to do Beth Moore's "Believing God" study this summer at my church.  I've done the study before but never with the videos.  I'm excited!  And timely I think.  God's been showing me a lot of deeply buried lies about him that I've been believing and now that He's made me aware of it, oh buddy, watch out!  He is gonna obliterate the mess out of those lies and half truths.

6.  I've started writing a novel.  Well, I call it my story, cause novel sounds really ambitious and something you complete to get published.  God birthed this story in my heart and I tell you, sometimes I can hardly control myself I get so excited writing it and thinking it up.  I'll be driving home from work and will randomly think of a plot line or something a character would say, just out of the blue,   Blows my mind.  I pray God gives me what I need to finish.  I have discovered it is so life giving for me to create stories like this.  Something I think I've known all my life but that still surprises me.

7.  My landlord is so stinkin' cute.  I made him a pie a couple weeks ago and he's mentioned it about 4 times to me since then.  He really likes them :)

8.  We have baby birds on our porch again this spring.  At first we thought there was only one, but then we found a second, then a third, and now a fourth.  Hubs has named them Spike, Wilbur, Velma, and Gertrude. He now feels guilty because Spike is the only one with a cool name, and his siblings probably resent him for it.

9.  I think I need to christen the summer season with a cherry icee.  This does not correlate with one of the statements in #2.

10.  One of my coworkers gave me a potted gerber daisy plant for Admin Assistant's day.  The instructions said to water it and not to put it in direct sunlight.  Easy peasy right?  Nope.  I killed it.  My gardening name should be "Accidental Killer".  What kind of person can't keep a plant alive?  One who has inherited her mother's black thumb evidently.

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